oh i wish i had a moment to sit and write but everything is really moving really fast right now. and like an avalanche covering my life in debris.

tomorrow i have volunteered for a position which is a coffee hour for holocaust survivors. what’s that? what’s up with that? it has awakened many a feeling in my dear friends.

j. said he didn’t think any were alive. c. said it is a wonderful opportunity. but what are the chances that at the coffee hour what the holocaust survivors want to talk about is the holocaust?

also we had a holocaust survivor visit our classroom in highschool. so i assumed everyone has talked to one at some point.  also a lady with aids. did everyone get these treats?

begged by the shelter residents to sing “i wanna dance with somebody” pushed by the senior center residents to dance with somebody.  it’s like a religious call and response.

i went to the pharmacy to buy straight razors for my mistakes (they don’t sell them) and the dude called me dude before i could even ask.  but who’s keepin’ track?  i felt successful at some kind of ruse.

bought a copy of 4.48 psychosis today. saw it performed somewhere, by a lady i like but the production was so/so. just saying it’s a beautiful poetic play.

i’ll write to you about ireland. i’ll write to you about hills and winter chills on islands with friends and sleeping snug in hostels for my holiday.

loved and missed. thanked and returned. over and out. 131204-210022

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