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german german whose got the german.

yeah i’m up and forgetting more than i remember. feeling like  i’m in that movie with tom hanks where he befriends the volleyball. or the german version of that.

wondering if i learn all the german if i can finally make it off the island.

i saw that in a theater.  and i do remember the name but i’m not saying it because i’m trying to make room for german words.

no pictures though. things are gross over here.  i’ve been collecting containers from pieces of cake for a sense of accomplishment.

i ate german chocolate cake and didn’t realize until afterwards. notable only as an afterthought.  my german was lost in a storm, and now i have to live on an island until german flies overhead and sees my bonfire.

meanwhile the cartoon characters who always see bugs bunny as a hotdog and bite eachother  like chicken legs are chasing each other in circles around my bonfire.  i guess nothing is really real is it?

archival footage selected at random

archival footage selected at random 

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